In today's Germany, May 8th is viewed by a deaf majority as the day of an alleged "liberation". Dumbed down by seventy years of disinformation, it is believed that the day would have brought an end to the misery caused by the war and the destruction of the country. The opposite is the case: the destruction and devastation caused by the terror bombers in the air was followed by the brutal murder of 3 million innocent people and the further 14 million displacement in violation of international law for decades the destruction and devastation of the country and its industries and resources through organized raids by the victors.

The U.S. Army killed ten times more Germans in its POW camps than on the battlefields - from Normandy to victory. The American war criminal Eisenhower intentionally had around 1 million German prisoners of war killed in the Rhine meadows without food, without accommodation, without medical care in the middle of Germany! Who still remembers this mass murder in Germany today? When Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met on the Russian Black Sea coast in February 1945, they made such immoral decisions in the final round as the introduction of forced labor, the violent return of refugees (in Stalin's empire), the displacement of millions of people from home and abroad Hof, the breach of the promise of the right to self-determination and similar inhumanities, so that Yalta became more a symbol of international indecency that year, which later Churchill himself called it "a tragedy of immense proportions ".

The worst war criminals of World War II Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin

We Germans were exposed to hatred and vengeance for mercy and disgrace. The great gauntlet running of the Germans began without rights, declared fair game. Humiliations, degrading, defamation, abuse of all kinds, torture and murder, mass murder of captured soldiers and civilians were many months on the agenda. Perhaps the worst mass rapes ever to be endured by the female population of a defeated country were those at the end of World War II. More than two million German women between the ages of eight and 80 were raped by the "glorious Red Army" alone on their advance in German territory, more than 40% of them eight to twenty times. Many of these unfortunates were killed or committed suicide.

           Repeatedly raped, desecrated and massacred - the victims of the "glorious" Soviet army

The terrible sexual holocaust committed by victorious soldiers against German women and girls should alone prohibit the events of 1945 from being transfigured as "liberation". The GIs were also not innocent and the word "free" was also understood by them in the sense of "make prey". The U.S. Army killed ten times more Germans in its POW camps than on the battlefields - from Normandy to victory. The American war criminal Eisenhower intentionally had around 1 million German prisoners of war killed in the Rhine meadow camps in the middle of Germany without meals, without accommodation and without medical care! Who still remembers this mass murder in Germany today?

The Nemmersdorf massacre
Liberated Dresden
The Rhine meadow (extermination) camps

Around 3.25 million German soldiers perished in Allied captivity - in the open air in the American Rhine meadow camps, in Siberian Soviet concentration camps, in French care. Two million died in Russian camps, one million in American, 120,000 in French, 100,000 in Yugoslav and 22,000 in Polish and Czech camps alone. 500,000 Germans were murdered when the Soviets invaded eastern and central Germany; 120,000 Germans died in Soviet concentration camps. Here you can see pictures of the open-air camps, set up by the allied sadists on the banks of the Rhine

Sinzig camp with more than 300,000 prisoners
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Camp site in the Rhine meadows
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American soldier guards German prisoners of war

The International Red Cross has no access to the camps. Food and aid that the Swiss Red Cross has transported to the Rhine in railroad cars are returned on Eisenhower's orders. In spite of the cold, rain and sleet, the prisoners live without shelter on bare ground, which over time turns into an unfathomable mud desert. Seriously ill and dying people receive insufficient or no care, while nearby hospitals and hospitals remain unused. There is no food for days still water, even though the German and American depots mentioned are overfilled with supplies and the Rhine has a high water level. People are deliberately sent to agonizing death from hunger, cold, or illness. The bodies are used for propaganda films by distributing them to the German concentration camps and using them as evidence of the Nazi atrocities.

The Western Powers left their business cards in the form of huge mountains of corpses after air strikes against the German civilian population that violated international law. Dresden, designated as a hospital town, was completely defenseless, since the flak had long since been drawn off to the front. Planned icy, precisely at that time, the crusaders imposed purgatory, an indescribable hell, an infernal wiping out blow on the refugee city of Dresden. It was pure terror that was directed only against the civilian population, against women, children and the elderly.

During the entire German leadership in Nuremberg was sitting in the dock, who was actually charged for this? Who Was Sentenced to Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Who has been sentenced for the use of poison gas and napalm in Vietnam? Who Was Punished For The Phosphorus Bombs On Schools And Hospitals In Gaza? Why is no one punished for the thousands of Palestinian murders related to Israeli settlement policies? Apart from the demolition of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11th. 2001, this list could go on and on.


When they were sitting in Nuremberg,
the big ones to court,
in Dresden the mothers asked:
Are we not called?
We want to crawl out of the cellars
and stare at your face.
We rest of the mothers from Dresden;
the others don't live.

To punish inhumane things
so you say, be your duty!
Here we are!
You won't find better witnesses!

We stared into our children
charred face.
It crumbled in our fingers
we born into the light.

To Nuremberg, you big ones,
now you sit in court.
Call you the mothers
from Dresden not?

Heinrich Zillich
a Transylvanian
The liberation of Germany comes to a climax with the Marshall Plan, which is presented today as if we were indebted to the Americans for all eternity. You can read here what this really is and who this plan really helped:

The Marshallplan- Swindle
die sozialen Errungenschaften im Deutschen Reich waren einzigartig und es gab auf der ganzen Welt nichts Vergleichbares