Here are just a few proven forgeries and manipulations of images
(if the Holocaust is the best documented event in history, why something like that?)

The photo has a special power in it because it signals the brain - I'm real -. The brain transforms the incoming signals very similar to that of a real scene. For this reason, images are always falsified when there are no real images available and the image content has to be produced synthetically. The computer today enables a number of changes that would not have been possible ten years ago, and it would now be almost impossible to unmask manipulations by system-dependent publicists.

Probably the most brazen forgery comes directly from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, so to speak from the Holocaust cult site, from the Temple of Truth, directly from the highly respected advocate of German hatred, the moral index finger of goodwill, Simon Wiesenthal. On the left is the original photo, on which, incidentally, the beating Nazis with their barking dogs are missing. On the right you can see the picture from the SWC counterfeiting workshop, in which the smoke of the burned Jews, which allegedly hovered permanently above Auschwitz, was subsequently drawn in.

At Pressac, also in the German edition, Die Krematorien von Auschwitz, Piper, Munich 1994, included as document 57. The images are said to depict open-air burns of victims of mass gasification in Crematorium V in Birkenau. An enlargement of the figure shows: The left arm of the man climbing over the supposed corpses is far too long and seems to have two elbows. The very fuzzy bodies lying on the floor also have an impossible anatomy.

This figure on the left is said to show victims of the mass murder of Auschwitz. In fact, it is a picture of the deaths of typhus that was made after the English occupation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and that was reproduced in various magazines, such as Quick in 1979, with incorrect subtitles. Due to complete overcrowding of the remaining camps due to the evacuation of the eastern camps and the collapsing sanitary, medical and food supplies for diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and TBC, which broke out as a result of the complete collapse of the infrastructure of the Third Reich, and were no longer under control to get. Even SS people were affected. Yes, these people died in German concentration camps and that should not be excused or played down !! However, these victims cannot be attributed to the gas chamber or the "will to destroy" of the Nazis. In spite of all this, there are repeated attempts to use these images as evidence for the Holocaust (although the majority are not even Jews - you have to know that the term "Holocaust" is only for the Jewish victims, and to mourn them more are).

On the left a retouched picture with the heading "Transports in ghettos and extermination camps", in H. Eschwege, registration J, Berlin 1981. On the right the original picture of the Hamburg Federal Railway Directorate with the heading: "Freight trains with refugees 1946. Fully occupied empty train for the Ruhr area. In the background, double-decker coaches to Lübeck. ”This publication is not intended to claim that there were no deportations of Jews to ghettos and concentration camps, nor that these transports were carried out by comfortable passenger trains, even if this was particularly the case in the early stages of the Deportations were quite the case. The discovery of this falsification should only prompt skepticism about supposed image documents.

According to the "Spiegel", this illustration is to show a concentration camp guard with his victims in the Buchenwald concentration camp. The inmates are said to be tied to trees by the hands. On the basis of the light and darkness, the shadow cast, the posture of the prisoners and the inconsistencies of the uniform not worn in this way, even as a layperson you can see the retouching. Incidentally, the twine with which the alleged prisoners are tied to the trees seem inexplicably durable. In any case, ropes cannot be, because they would be so thick that one would see them, so is it possibly a complete fake? One can speculate ... but officially to doubt the authenticity would be reprehensible in Germany and one would be an anti-Semite and a neo-Nazi who wants to taunt the victims.

The pictures above show three German soldiers who were shot by Americans because of alleged espionage; the photos were published in the US newspaper "Life" in January 1945.
Below them, you can see with some astonishment what Simon Wiesenthal made of the three shot Landsern: The drawing made by the "Nazi hunter" personally for his book "KZ Mauthausen" published by Ibis-Verlag is said to be sadistically tortured and depicted concentration camp prisoners , Simon Wiesenthal represented his own truth, like many others of his cult, and it was extremely successful. He was very old, 96 years old. The Holocaust Munchausen was granted many years to spread what he called truth. When he told his stories about Munchausen, he was always assured of the support of the Jewish-controlled media and politicians and society. The big liar died on September 20, 2005 in Vienna and was posthumously praised by all the important statesmen of the western world as the hero of the truth. I will see that my grief for Wiezenthal's death is limited. For his crimes, he'll braise in hell.

The detail on the left shows a German soldier who is said to be aiming at a woman who is clutching her child in fear. This picture has been shown in various textbooks and school books with different titles and can still be seen in the Yad Vashem memorial. I can remember my history book, where this image section was subtitled: "German soldier shoots Jewish mother". However, if you look at the complete original, a completely different connection emerges: On the right, three other men can be seen, who are presumably taking cover from enemy fire. The woman is about to take cover too. The soldier does not aim at the woman, but at an enemy who is to the right of the picture. Incidentally, the rifle's uniform is by no means that of a German Wehrmacht soldier.

Here is a sample from the Wiesenthal counterfeiting workshop
West view of crematorium I around 1946 with chimney
West view of crematorium I 1945 without chimney

The two photos shown here are not fake or manipulated. The reason why you are published on this page is only a consideration of the author. Why do you build a crematorium chimney again? I don't want to deny that the chimney existed before, but the Soviet army or the liberated prisoners certainly had more important work than to rebuild this chimney. Nor can I imagine anyone thinking back then that a memorial would eventually be built, so one can assume that it should only serve as evidence of the atrocity propaganda and the Nuremberg war crimes trial.

Of course also a picture document from the head of the Holocaustliar Elie Wiesel

In this picture from the Buchenwald concentration camp, Elie Wiesel recognized herself as the seventh from the left in the middle level. Professor Robert Faurisson analyzed the image with facial recognition software and refuted Wiesel's statement. This truth-loving main witness of the Holocaust, of all people, who describes the blood geysers of Babi Yar, who saw the burned-out babies from Auschwitz, who witnesses the daily gassing of thousands of prisoners in Buchenwald (where there was never a gas chamber), this man should lie ?? ? Check out these pictures below, and watch his left forearm! It is certain that Wiesel was never tattooed, never wore an Auschwitz number. The "living proof" for Adolf Hitler's "Jewish death program" had never been in Auschwitz. He had assumed the identity of an Auschwitz returnee, as Carlo Mattogno has now shown. This Jewish agitator lied together all his life, making millions of dollars from it. Wiesel is the author of numerous novels and other publications. He received at the suggestion of members of the German Bundestag, the Nobel Peace Prize for its role model in the fight against violence, oppression and racism. In 2003, Wiesel was appointed chairman of the International Commission for Research on the Holocaust in Romania, or Wiesel Commission for short. In addition to other influences, Wiesel's thinking also reflects his years of studying the Talmud.

"Babi-Jar, September 1941: The murderers ransack the belongings of the murdered." Ernst Klee / Willi Dreßen" "God with us - The War of Extermination in the East 1939-1945", Frankfurt / M 1989 S. Fischer Verlag, p. 125 The typical horror painting in light-dark contrasts without clear contours and faces, without a location, without a proof of origin and without confirmation is issued as a "photo document" with binding text for an alleged historical event! Disgusting! You can not see anything concrete The lower section enlargement makes it even clearer. The co-editor of these works is public prosecutor Willi Dreßen, deputy head of the administrative department of the central office of the state judicial administrations in Ludwigsburg!

Photos of the Auschwitz camp presented in 2005 are actually reproduced

With the help of historian Andreas Kilian, "Der Glöckel" analyzes several pictures published in "Stern" (5/2005) and both come to the following conclusion: Both photographs are reenactments, the place of reenactment is Dachau, the date of reenactment is earliest May 1945, since the Dachau concentration camp was demonstrably captured on April 29, 1945 by US troops. The pictures were never taken in Auschwitz, as the type of furnace shown (a Kori model) was not used in Auschwitz concentration camp. And during the cremation in the crematoriums of the National Socialist concentration camps there were operating instructions, with the bodies being placed head first in the oven muffle. This issue was also confirmed on April 1, 2005 by a senior employee of the Dachau Memorial, Ms. Klara Gissing, as follows: "We can inform you that the photos were taken for demonstration purposes soon after the Dachau concentration camp was liberated."

Caption in the "Stern": Incinerators in an Auschwitz crematorium. The picture was taken after the liberation of the camp in January 1945.

Prisoners from the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp with the body of a murdered fellow inmate in front of one of the incinerators.

Babi Jar - - The Gorge "With 33,771 Jews Murdered"?

Ilya Ehrenburg - one of the principal producers of Soviet hatred, murder, horror- tirades, is jointly responsible beside the horrors novelist Vasily Grossman for the perverse stories about Babi Yar, Treblinka, Majdanek and Auschwitz. To this day, there is no evidence of the alleged crime, only contradictory and nonsensical testimony. And the stupidest of all liars - Elie Wiesel, goes one step further: ".... geysers of blood spurted from the trembling floor! ...." Take a look at these evidence photos - unbelievable !!

Jewish Soviet citizens above the gorge. Before the murder they are forced to take off their clothes. "Ernst Klee / Willi Dreßen," "God with us" The German war of extermination in the east 1939-1945 ", (p.125). The picture issued as a "photo document" is a continuous painting. The figures consist of light-dark blobs of color with no shadow transitions and precise contours. The design is the same as that found in most of these horror pictures. The picture is of no use to a murder scene. None German soldier is recognizable, origin is unknown, location remains anonymous.

And two more photos of evidence of the alleged mass murder in Babi Jar

The mass murder in Babi Jar happened almost four months before the Wannsee conference, at which the killing was supposedly only planned. A wide variety of murder dates circulate and very different murder methods and tools are mentioned. Depending on the source, the number of those murdered fluctuates by up to two orders of magnitude and is well above the number of Jews who remained in Kiev after the Soviet evacuation. There is also no agreement as to where the murder took place. The witnesses, or reports, also provide the most contradictory information in other respects and so far there has been no forensic investigation of the murder site and tools. You never took care of evidence and evidence. It is also puzzling why the Soviets used a garbage dump and incineration site where countless allegedly were murdered by the arch-enemy during the Great Patriotic War. Finally, the allegations are refuted by aerial photographs from the war that have now been found.

Manipulation of people are controlled by television today
(Even if films have no evidence, the viewer still tends to believe in the veracity of these works)

The historical unsustainability of such films is to be demonstrated using an example. The illustration shows a scene from Schindler's list, in which the camp commander Göth randomly shoots from the balcony of his house into the prisoner crowd at the Plaszow camp. Aerial photos from that time can be seen, however, that the commandant's house was at the foot of a hill, but the camp itself was on this hill. The scene depicted in the film was therefore impossible for purely geographical reasons. If you look at the film completely unimpressed by the prescribed pity doctrine, you quickly notice that only a marginal story corresponds to the historical truth.

The Independent News, No. 11 (1986), p. 11, reported that the Allies processed German photographs of mountains of corpses from the Allied terrorist attack on Dresden in their film "Death Mills", as supposed evidence of the mass murders in the concentration camps. The film "Death Mills" was an attempt at mass "re-education" in occupied Germany. Another scene was about the alleged discovery of gold teeth from murdered Jews in the Reichsbank in Frankfurt. In the course of later investigations it became clear that the Americans this scene had fake from beginning to end.

With Guido Knopp, Hitler's helpers marched as devilish disciples of Satan

In 2007, Hans Georg Hess, a doctor of law, knight's cross holder and former submarine commander of the U 995, filed a criminal complaint against Guido Knopp's falsifications of history. The occasion was the 5-part Knopp-series "Die Wehrmacht - a balance", in which, according to Hans Georg Hess, incitement was carried out. Hess said: "Guido Knopp is known for portraying the time differently than it really was. But that is not the approach of a serious historian. In my view, the program clearly disparages the memory of the deceased. In addition, a whole part of the population becomes , to whom I count myself, the members of the former Wehrmacht, slandered ". The responsible FRG public prosecutor declined the report as unfounded. A whole chapter the historian Professor Dr. Werner Maser (one of his outstanding works is entitled "Forgery, Poetry and Truth About Hitler and Stalin", Olzog-Verlag, Munich) dedicates to the director Guido Knopp, head of the ZDF editorial team "Zeitgeschichte". The television viewers are exposed to historical programs, which are advertised as "documentaries", but very often - and especially when the German past is "mastered" - are propaganda creations in which the historical truth is of little importance. It is a wild compilation of original recordings, imaginatively recreated scenes and short interviews of alleged and actual witnesses, always accompanied by the voice of a commentator, who is clearly trying not to leave what is shown to the judgment of the viewer, but in the spirit of that of the winners reinterpreting the Germans after 1945. For example, a press body that is definitely not suspected of wanting to spare Hitler and the Third Reich, namely the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" of April 23, 1998, the series "Hitler's Helpers" as untrustworthy and const said: "Excited, snapped, confused. Guido Knopp's series 'Hitler's helpers' no longer has anything to do with serious contemporary history ... A video clip rustle. A fanal of meaningless adaptation to the zeitgeist specter. Allowed because it benefits the quota ... The Knopp documentaries allow an unprecedented, nasty mix of original materials, virtually reconstructed locations and reworked plot parts ... this is the demise of a genre ...

These are also fake images - if they are considered "experienced"

The "artist" is David Olere, a French Jew. In March 1943 he was deported to Auschwitz and forced to work as a prisoner of the Sonderkommando. His pictures show the camp, people in the camp, the people murdered in the gas chamber, those by prisoners People who are suffocated in the gas are dragged away and then burned in the crematorium. It is in the eye of the beholder whether the scribble can really be called art - if he had painted still lifes or portraits, he would have been a beneficiary of social welfare should at least say that crematoriums don't smoke, that you can't touch gassed corpses and that you can't gasify near open flames.

Incredible messages:

There were other artists in the concentration camps, such as Serge Smulevic, Isaac Celnikier, Léon Delarbre, Walter Spitzer, Zoran Music and many more. The motives were always the same: beating SS men, starved prisoners, smoking chimneys and gassed corpses. The artistic talent was almost always on the same level, so you can save yourself from publishing even more of it here. Would be a shame about the storage space.

die sozialen Errungenschaften im Deutschen Reich waren einzigartig und es gab auf der ganzen Welt nichts Vergleichbares

das Originalfoto
das vom jüdisch Lügner Wiesenthal gefälschte Foto
halb Fotomontage und halb Gemälde
warum arbeiten Historiker mit solchen Mitteln

The following are examples of the manipulation - representative of countless counterfeits, which were also shown during the exhibition "Crimes of the Wehrmacht". The exhibition was canceled after foreign historians proved that most of the pictures were falsified, taken out of context or questionable in origin. On the left you see the original photos and on the right the fake for the media.

The photo is demonstrably from the new crematorium in Dachau and was taken by the Allies shortly after the liberation.

This photo is exactly the same image as the left, but why the extras now carry an emaciated corpse, everyone can think for themselves.

Two Wehrmacht soldiers get a delicious Sunday roast. As a rule, the owner was paid for it or adequately compensated.

Any German soldier who plundered and murdered as shown here would have been brought before a court martial and would have been shot.

The photo shows how a Walter Krüger was awarded the Order of the Knight's Cross by the commanding officer during a field roll call in Russia.

And here they want to lead us behind the light and declare the photo with the murder of a Russian Jew on the advance in the east.

Wehrmacht soldiers negotiate with a Russian kulak (farmer) about the sale of vodka and potatoes for the supply of troops.

The Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS were proud and honorable. Offenses against the civilian population have been very severely punished.