die sozialen Errungenschaften im Deutschen Reich waren einzigartig und es gab auf der ganzen Welt nichts Vergleichbares

contrary to the official Jewish dictated propaganda, our grandfathers were not criminals
contrary to the official Jewish dictated propaganda, our grandfathers were not criminals
a myth doomed ...

Definition Holocaust: The Holocaust (alternatively Shoah) is the name for the planned and industrially carried out annihilation, mainly with the help of gas chambers, of about six million Jews by the National Socialists in the years 1942 to 1945. In the FRG, the Holocaust is a result of criminal law protected and must not be discussed.

The purpose of the following presentation is to be a rough introduction (into a very sensitive topic), which should show to everyone who is able to read and think that the "official version" cannot be correct and is a bunch full of contradictions !! To prevent misunderstandings: There were persecutions, deportations and expropriations of Jews, ghettos and concentration camps. Jews and other minorities died for various reasons. There is no reason to kill people, but what is really happened then and what effects does it have Officially, there are always 6 million deaths (11 million are claimed in America) Simon Wiesenthal says 14 million, the Jew Dr. Niklos Nyiszli was a witness in the Auschwitz trial - he said that 25,000 Jews were gassed every day over a period of 3.5 years - does this add up to 31,500,000 gassed Jews? There is a lot of juggling - with the millions!

Auschwitz - Birkenau the site of the alleged genocide

DACHAU - AUSCHWITZ - TREBLINKA - MAUTHAUSEN The Bern Day Watch reports on August 24, 1945: “A total of 26 million Jews were killed, most of them in Dachau !! - TODAY a sign hangs in the Dachau concentration camp, which reads: "GAS CHAMBER - disguised as" shower bath "WAS NOT IN OPERATION."?????????

Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen and especially Dachau were supposedly the most important "extermination camps" until 1960 Auschwitz, Treblinka ... did not play a role in the reporting at the time ??? Funny - was Auschwitz not the largest camp with supposedly 4 million Jews killed and is Auschwitz not even today as the greatest crime of all time - ("absolute center in the geography of atrocities") ???

Until 1990 there was a memorial plaque in front of the entrance in Auschwitz, on which 4 million murdered people could be read - it was quietly removed - why would it be ??? The number was reduced from 4 to 1 million, not based on facts - no - it was estimated. 1994 further reduced to less than 700,000 victims. 2002 again reduced to 500,000 - what do you think - correct it was estimated again.

The Auschwitz commemorative plaque, the left one with 4 million and since 1990 the right one with 1.5 million

The following list comes from contemporary sources and has been taken
over by the AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE (Jewish organization !!!)


National Council of Churches, USA 1930:
llllllllllll111ll15,3 Millionen
Jewish Encyclopedia, USA 1933:
lll11lllllllllllllllllllllllllll15,6 Millionen
World Almanach 1939:
ll1llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll15,6 Millionen


World Almanach 1945:
lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll15,19 Millionen
World Almanach 1947:
lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll15,75 Millionen
Jewish surveys Organizations 1947:
llllllllll1111llllllll15,60 Millionen

...One thing is already certain today (1946 !!): the claim that this number is 5-6 million is untrue. The number of Jewish victims can move between 1 and 1.5 million because not more were "tangible" for Hitler and Himmler. (Basler News June 13, 1946).

Pictures of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp
Pictures of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp
Pictures of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp
Pictures of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp
Pictures of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp

These are pictures of the liberation of Auschwitz in January 1945. The red army found 7,000 inmates, including 600 children, in the camp. Were not told that children, the elderly and those unable to work were "selected" immediately after arrival and sent to the gas. It also doesn't look like the survivors are malnourished, they all have warm clothes on and no one has to freeze.

Constantly speak of Auschwitz, especially when it comes to the Holocaust and the descriptions of meeting with German atrocities - it may not be terribly enough, but what was actually really Auschwitz?

The enormous factory complex of the Buna works in Auschwitz
The power plant by I.G. Colors in Monowitz

Shmuel Krakowski (archive director of the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem): "Most of the 20,000 testimonies to the Holocaust are INCREDIBLE, FAKE, UNCOVERABLE OR IN ANOTHER WAY FALSE!"

During the war, the German concentration camps were visited several times by delegations and investigative commissions from the International Red Cross. In these investigations, they paid particular attention to determining the existence of gasification facilities and the occurrence of gasification. The delegates had the opportunity to move around the camps completely freely and to speak freely and without witness to all inmates. Not a single commission was able to find out or report anything about the existence of gasification facilities or gasification facilities and the occurrence of gasification.

Here you see the doors of gas chambers! The right door is an airtight gas chamber door in the USA and the three left doors once closed the German gas chambers filled by thousands of Jews. You can tell from such simple details that you are being duped here. And if you then get the roof hatches with wooden covers showing, where the SS should have poured the highly toxic Cyclone B into it, then even the last tourist would have to realize that something is wrong here. What should also be mentioned: the resulting cyanide gas is highly explosive - which idiot builds a gas chamber that is only separated from a crematorium by a simple leaky wooden door.

Cyclone B throw-in from the inside
Throw-in procedure in television film
Cyclone B throw-in from outside

The German Reich was years ahead of the other nations in science and technology and had an unbelievable wealth of new research results and procedures to offer. The guards knew exactly how to deal with dangerous Cyclone B and none of them would poison themselves and those around them in this ridiculous way. The drawing below shows a blueprint for a disinfestation facility (from a Russian archive that only published files in 1990) in Auschwitz. You can clearly see that the Zyklon B was used in a harmetisch closed room with ventilation, with heating, with pressure test and with fans. Nobody would have thrown the poison into a damp, cold, leaky basement.

This explosive topic should not be dealt with in any more depth on this page, it should only show that some of the historical picture specified and prescribed by the Justitz cannot be right. The from almost anyone due to the incessant brainwashing believed thesis that the Germans in the Third Reich gassed millions of Jews, proves on closer inspection to be follows brained nonsense that it is impossible to defend it against a familiar with the facts adversary. If you are interested in more in-depth literature on this topic, here are some books that give the reader a detailed insight into the subject. You can click on the books and read them as a PDF file.

On May 1, 2009, F. Piper resigned from the management of the "Auschwitz Memorial". The new director of the memorial was Dr. Piotr Cywinski (born 1965), a medieval historian (mediaevalist). His goal is to "fix" the story with the Jewish victims. In collaboration with the Historical Commission in Kraków, he said that the Auschwitz Jewish casualties ranged from 74,000 to 110,000 (if "considering the natural death of elderly Jews"). Cywinski has had all references to the gassing of the Jews removed from all five camps in the Auschwitz complex.

The Jewish writer J.G. Burg, who can really not be accused of antismitism, wrote:

As a member of a government research commission, I had the opportunity to officially visit Majdanek at the end of 1944. In autumn 1945 privately again, Majdanek and Auschwitz. Everything was open to me, all around, inside and outside. I spoke extensively to longtime inmates who knew every corner of the camp. But none of them have ever seen and heard of a gas chamber in which human lives have been wiped out. They only knew about disinfection chambers for vermin extermination, as they were in the Theresienstadt model camp. I also had the opportunity to speak freely and frankly to ex-aid workers, and no one knew anything about mass exterminations and gas chambers. I only found out about mass murders and gassing facilities to kill people, in the Zionist propaganda schools in Wroclaw. (...)
As a press representative of the DP camp, I was able to attend the negotiations of the Nuremberg trial unhindered, and information talks were held several times among non-Zionist Jewish journalists in the Grand Hotel. a Viennese publicist who had been interned in Auschwitz for several years and who knew his way around. In the presence of the Russian publicist Ilya Ehrenburg, he assured that he had never seen anything from any gas chamber. Even Ehrenburg knew nothing about it. This is unusual in that he was the chief propagandist of the USSR during the Second World War.

The Rudolf - Report

The qualified chemist Germar Rudolf had masonry samples from material delousing systems and gas chambers in Auschwitz examined by the Frankfurt Fresenius Institute for their content of cyanide residues without specifying their origin. He wrote the so-called Rudolf report, which, based on these chemical and technical studies, shows that the mass gasification with hydrocyanic acid that was attested to in the alleged "gas chambers" could not have taken place. Despite several approaches, including attempts by a well-known Polish institute, has so far been achieved no counter-expert opinion published that would have been able to name Rudolf's essential technical errors or inaccuracies or that refutes the strictly scientific factual evidence for his thesis. But the Jewish lobby has again succeeded in having Germar Rudolf released, defamed, ruined and imprisoned for his scientific analysis.

The Leuchter Report

The engineer Frederick A. Leuchter (also called Mr. Death) was an internationally known American scientist and entrepreneur. He was an execution technology expert specializing in the manufacture of execution systems, especially gas chambers, for American prisons. On February 25, 1988, Mr. Leuchter, accompanied by his wife Carolyn, his technical draftsman Howard Miller, the photographer Jürgen Neumann and the interpreter Theodor Rudolph, set off. They came back eight days later, on March 3, 1988. Immediately after his return, Fred Leuchter wrote this 192-page report (with attachments). His conclusions were clear: the evidence was overwhelming that there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek, and that the alleged gas chambers on that site could not have been used then or today, nor could they have been seriously considered as annihilation gas chambers.

Prof. Robert Faurisson

Prof. Faurisson is a French literary scholar and one of the best-known revisionists, who denies the use of gas chambers in the Nazi concentration camps and the systematic annihilation of the Jews and other groups by the Nazis. His main argument is that the operation of a gas chamber requires perfect sealing, a special pipe system as well as complex ventilation and other devices to remove traces of poison gas. He was convinced of this, among other things, by visiting an actually existing and operating gas chamber in the USA. He also points out that there were no gas chambers in the Auschwitz blueprints, the publication of which is due to him. His revisionist views sparked violent reactions worldwide. Faurisson also attended the 2006 conference of Holocaust questioners in Tehran.

»The right of the seeker of truth includes the right to doubt, research and weigh. And wherever this doubting and weighing is forbidden, wherever people demand that they be believed, a blasphemous arrogance becomes apparent that makes you think. If those whose theses you doubt have the truth on their side, they will accept all questions calmly and answer them patiently. And they will no longer hide their evidence and files. But if they lie, they will call for the judge. You will recognize them by that. Truth is always left. But lie cries out for earthly judgment.«

Pastor Viktor R. Knirsch

"Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr." is a film about the investigations of the technician Fred A. Leuchter. It shows what happens to someone who incurs the hatred of Judaism.

Prof. Robert Faurisson - "Das Problem der Gaskammern" is a film (documentary) that Professor Faurisson made in 1981. He too has felt the hatred of the Holocaust lobby firsthand.