In the year 1937 unemployment was finally eliminated. The total income of German workers increased by a full 70%.

Free access to higher education and the promotion of talented but socially disadvantaged children is made possible in Germany.

The Reichserbhof Act, through which the German farm stays in the family clan for all time, is created. 91,000 farmsteads were built between 1933 and 36.

The interest and taxes were lowered by the banks in the Third Reich and the German soil was withdrawn from the usurer's capital.

The creation of marriage loans of up to RM 1,000 promoted the willingness to marry in 1933 and a quarter of the loan is eradicatet when each child is born.

The NS state grants the family enormous tax relief for every child. Families with three or more children also receive ongoing child benefits.

Creation of the winter relief organization, which unites the whole German nation in a gigantic joint fight against hunger and cold.

Deletion of all debts which have grown up among countless people by receiving public welfare and which would continue to burden the worker for years to come.

Rents for living space in the German Reich were not allowed to exceed 1/8 of the average employee's wages. 1,458,179 single-family houses were built between 1933 and 37.

Significant pension increases and German pensioners were automatically insured and the widow's pension for divorced women was introduced.

Laws to protect the debtor from the interests of the creditors made seizure and eviction more difficult in the Third Reich.

The aid organization 'Mother and Child' was created with over 30,000 centers to look after pregnant women and young mothers and their offspring. Child benefit for the needy is introduced.

Conditions of employment have been agreed in the 'labor front' (union replacement) at a higher level than anywhere else in the world. Sport and recreation were strongly promoted.

Legal entitlement to paid vacation and the payment of public holidays also for day and hourly wage earners.

The exemption from surcharges for night, Sunday and holiday work from social security contributions and taxes for the German worker.

Establishment of the "Power through Joy" community to enable Germans to spend their vacation by the sea or in the mountains or to wander through his homeland.

In 1935, an Imperial Animal Protection Act and a Nature Conservation Act were passed for the first time, some of which still apply today. The agonizing Jewish shafting was banned as early as 1933.

What are mentioned here for achievements and successes is only a section of the enormous economic, social and cultural construction of the first 5 years under National Socialism

"These days the German people should review what I have done with my employees in the five years since the first election of the Reichstag in March 1933. It will have to determine a historically unique result."

Adolf Hitler
on February 20, 1938

As a comparison, some achievements of our current treasonable political puppets

Unstoppable national debt - introduction of the euro - Hartz IV - one euro jobs - ABM measures - wage slavery - temporary work - pensioner and child poverty - homosexual marriage - VAT increase - deposit for cans - lowest level of education - multicultural brainwashing - data retention - short-time work - mass layoffs - practice fees - restriction of freedom of expression - 40 billion euros only for weapons - war financing and participation - billions of EU taxes ..... this list of political crimes can be continued endlessly !!

Can we still vote for such politicians? This brood of politicians from CDU and SPD is massively lying to the people to secure their posts! Over the past 2 million contributory jobs have disappeared and our politicians are tricking us?
If you want to learn more about this time, have a look here at
Great Chronicle of National Socialism
die sozialen Errungenschaften im Deutschen Reich waren einzigartig und es gab auf der ganzen Welt nichts Vergleichbares