Hostility to Jews has a long history. It usually occurred when peoples in Jews living among them recognized or believed to recognize a threat to their national bodies. One problem was and is that it is still not always possible to distinguish between the broad mass of the people, on the one hand, between Jews who want to harm the people's body and, on the other hand, those who want to live in peaceful coexistence with the host people, and this too make believable. The anti-Judaism that existed already in antiquity and the Middle Ages reached a new, heightened dimension in Germany and Europe during the First World War.

The negative attitude towards Jews in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century spread to Poland and Germany practically the entire European continent. The National Socialists wanted to put a stop to this dangerous development, for example by addressing the relocation of Jews to a delimited state outside of Europe. Palestine, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela were considered as destinations. Another German proposal for Jewish resettlement was the Madagascar plan. Germany's efforts to solve the Jewish question remained without support. Most countries refused to allow Jews to enter or transit.

"The founding act of Israel consisted of lies and deception. One of the biggest lies is the fable of the Holocaust. ... In order not to question the creation of the Zionist regime, in Europe you will be punished with prison if you take a stand against it. Political elected officials can be attacked in the United States and Europe in the context of freedom of expression. But it is considered a mortal sin if someone makes the background for the creation of the Zionist regime public. Whoever does this has the most incredible experience. ... Those who feel committed to freedom and justice cannot be in harmony with the Zionist regime, the basis of which is injustice, oppression and deprivation of liberty. ... The Zionist regime is the cornerstone of all imperialism and inhumanity. This regime is the embodiment of Western materialism and capitalism. It represents all the brutality of the imperialist powers. … Israel is using the propaganda machine in its global lobby against every country in the world that is on the path of technological progress. "

When the communist revolution in Russia failed in 1905 and the Jews were driven out of Russia, they all went to Germany and Germany gave them shelter. You were treated very well. Nobody in Germany cared whether a Jew went home in the evening, lowered his shutters and said "Shema Yisroel" or "Our Father". But then they betrayed and sold Germany, and only for one reason, only to own Palestine. As her "Jewish Commonwealth."

And here are just a few reasons why the Jews were considered enemies of Germany

Balfour Declaration, the Jews under Rothschild and Brandeis bring the United States against Germany in the First World War and in return are promised Palestine by the British. As a result of this Jewish betrayal, Germany's peace offerings were dismissed in the most disgraceful way, the war was extended and many Europeans died for the Jewish state.

117 Jewish representatives led by Bernhard Baruch take part in the Versail negotiations. Their influence, especially that of Rothschild, is due to the immense reparation payments and the loss of German territory. The goal of the Jews was the collapse of the German economy.

Hyperinflation and the economic collapse bring hardship and misery to millions of Germans. Jewish bankers and business people use the depression they triggered to rob german people of their savings and buy up large parts of German industry.

About 0.5% of the population were Jews, and yet they controlled almost the entire press and controlled most of the economy because when the Deutsche Mark was devalued they bought up practically everything with their valuable dollars.

A few days after the seizure of power by the National Socialists international Jewry declared war on Germany and called for a boycott of German goods in the world on.

Up to this time, no Jew in Germany had a hair crooked. The Jews had nothing to suffer, were not starving, were not attacked or murdered. Of course, the Germans said to themselves: "Who are these people who boycott our country, make our people unemployed and bring our industry to a standstill? Who are these people for doing something like this?" Only now have racial laws been introduced and the Jews have been disadvantaged in society and in quality of life.

All the more terrifying are the teachings that rabbis teach today

Rabbi Yitzak Ginsburg teaches: "If a Jew needs a liver ... the Torah will probably allow the liver to be forcibly removed from a gentile who is just passing by. Jewish life is infinitely more sacred and unique than non-Jewish."
Jewish Fundamentalism, Pluto Press, London 1999, P. 62

Excerpts from Rabbi Ytzak Ginsburg's teachings: "In the land of Israel, no Arab has the right to exist. ... Clearly, Arabs are at the bottom of the cultural ladder of the world. ... Goldstein's act [killing 29 Muslims] is the fulfillment of some Commandments of the Jewish law. This also includes vengeance on non-Jews."
Ha'aretz, Israel, Nov. 05, 2003

Rabbi Shneur Zalman, one of the most famous Halacha scholars, taught: "The souls of the Goijim (Gentiles) are of a completely different, inferior kind. All Jews are naturally good, all Goijim are naturally evil. The Jews are the crown of creation that Goijim her scum."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 11.3.1994

"Some of the Turkic peoples and the nomads in the north, and the blacks and the nomads in the south and all those in our latitudes who are similar to them. The nature of these beings is like the essence of a donkey and in my opinion they are not at the human level. Among the existing things, they are below the human being but above the monkey because they resemble the human appearance more than the monkey."
Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, P. 24/25

Rabbi Yitzak Ginsburg was the former head of a Yeshiva [Talmud Academy] in Nablus

The Eternal Jew is an anti-Jewish propaganda film from the time of National Socialism (1941) on the problem of world Jewry by Fritz Hippler. The title is based on the legend of the Eternal Jew.

The short film "A Day in Gaza" shows documentarily how the Jewish state deals with its neighbors. The former victims of the Holocaust violate UN resolutions and ignore international law.

There are still people who do not want to learn anything from history but who use their deprived victim status to blackmail, manipulate, rule or massacre other peoples, countries or people. They have therefore been persecuted for centuries and that by all peoples around the world - not just Germany. The teaching of German National Socialism made the intentions of Judaism, which ultimately aim at the destruction of non-Jewish peoples, clearer than was previously the case. In his book Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler dealt extensively with Judaism and the associated dangers with regard to the continued existence of the Aryan peoples of Europe, especially the German people. Despite all this, they continue to spray their poisoned hatreds, start new wars with their global financial sovereignty and hide their satanic faces under the guise of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Nobody can therefore seriously doubt the authenticity of the "Protocols of the Sages of Zion", because their goals are almost achieved !!!

Read the "Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion" here
Why were the Jews persecuted in the Third Reich
die sozialen Errungenschaften im Deutschen Reich waren einzigartig und es gab auf der ganzen Welt nichts Vergleichbares