Here are just a few statements from contemporary witnesses
(the Holocaust story is based on these stories)
Pictures of Auschwitz

Rabbi Stephen Wise, President of the World Jewish Congress, declared in 1942 that the Germans made soap from Jewish corpses on an industrial scale. -The soap opera has been scientifically refuted several times-

Binjamin Wilkomirski: "... The image of those two boys in front of the barrack gate burned into my brain forever ...... As punishment, they stuck sticks into the penis from the front as deep as possible. Some said the sticks were made of glass. Then the blockowas would hit it and the chopsticks would be broken and could no longer be pulled out...." -Wilkomirski was convicted as a liar and had to admit that he was never in a concentration camp-

Jehoshua Rosenblum: “When the last one was inside, they closed the gate from outside and immediately two SS men came and threw the Zykon B from a chair through a high window. We heard the screams right away. It took a few minutes. 10-15 minutes. Afterwards two doors were opened from the other side of the courtyard and we were ordered to quickly pull out the dead people. "(Auschwitz) -A window in the gas chamber !! After the poison has been thrown in, have the victims been locked up from the inside, or has it been left open?-

Rabbi Arthur Schneider: "We remember the soap bars labeled RJF - Pure Jewish Fat - made from the bodies of our loved ones." -They avoided soap during their lifetime-

Laura Grabowski , who himself had suffered terribly in Auschwitz and even the scars of injections of Dr. Mengele wore, as she wrote in her book: "Laura Grabowski, child survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau". -she was exposed as a liar, she was never in a concentration camp-

Elie Wiesel: "Not far from us flames shot out of a ditch, tremendous flames. Something was burned. A lorry stopped at the pit and brought a load - small children, babies! Yes, I saw it with my own eyes ... These children in the flames. Is it any wonder I couldn't sleep afterwards?" -he doesn't even have a tattoo and has been refuted several times while lying-

Filip Müller is the most famous holocaust witness who eats the food he found when he dragged the corpses out of the 'gas chamber'. (he should have done that) "... On such days it was like a slaughterhouse. Before the executions, the two doctors, like cattle dealers, felt the thighs and calves of the men and women still alive in order to choose "the best pieces". After the execution, the victims were placed on a table. Then the doctors cut pieces of still warm meat out of the thighs and calves and threw them into ready containers. The muscles of those who had just been killed were still moving ..." Müller describes, among other things, detailed dialogues with naked Jewish women - who dragged him out of the gas chamber against his will by hands and feet when he wanted to die there voluntarily. (Auschwitz) -sad hero saga, but impossible how many of his statements-

Arnold Friedmann e.g. boasted that the smoke from the crematoria could tell whether "fat or thin people, Ukrainians or Poles" had been burned. (Auschwitz) -has been exposed as a liar in the Zündel trial during cross-examination-

Elijahu Rosenberg: "Because the Germans had found out that women and children burn better, we always had to throw the dead men into the fire at the end ... You can light the children with a match. That is why the Germans, damn they, ordered us to put the children in the cremation pit first. "(Treblinka) -a funeral director would call it hair-scattering, but doubts are not allowed-

Rudolf Vrba: "... Heinrich Himmler visited the Auschwitz camp again in January 1943 (...). He was supposed to visit the world's first mass-scale mass killing and take part in the inauguration of camp commander Höss' brand new toy, his crematorium. (Himmler was not in Auschwitz in 1943) ...The SS guards had ensured that not even an inch of space was left unused by firing a few shots at the entrance. Startled, those already in the chamber moved inward and additional victims were driven into it. Then infants and young children were thrown onto the heads of the adults, and the doors were closed and locked ..." -In the trial of Ernst Zündel in Toronto, the Jew Vrba was cross-examined by the defense attorney and he had to admit that he never saw a gassing.-

Alter Feinsilber alias Stanislaw Jankowski alias Kaskowiak alias Alter Szmul Fajnzylberg claims that the "factual capacity" of the four Birkenau crematoriums was "up to 8,000 bodies a day". (Auschwitz) -Utopian numbers have been scientifically refuted-

Otto (Anne) Frank: The Federal Criminal Police Office found in its investigation that some passages in the diary were written in ballpoint pens. Note: Anne Frank died of typhus in 1945 in Bergen Belsen. -the first pens did not appear until 1951-

Abraham Bomba: "... In the gas chamber, four meters long and four meters wide, there were 17 or 18 hairdressers, 60 or 70 naked women and some benches ..." (Treblinka) -whether it wasn't a little tight-

Pinchas Eppstein: "... Ivan the Terrible (John Demjanjuk) hit the death row inmates with a pipe or hatchet at the entrance to the gas chamber. He cut women 's breasts and shattered men' s heads. .. "(Treblinka) -Demjanjuk was therefore on death row in Israel for 4 years, He was never in Treblinka-

Primo Levi: »The gas chambers were disguised as shower rooms with pipelines, taps, changing rooms, coat hooks, benches, etc." ... "The gas chambers and the crematoriums were designed with the intention of destroying human lives and bodies millions of times over, the appalling record is about to start Auschwitz with 24,000 deaths on a single day in August 1944.«(Birkenau) -Primo Levi never saw Birkenau from the inside-

Abbé Jean-Paul Renard: "I saw thousands and thousands of people taking showers, where instead of liquid, gas suffocated over them. I saw how the disabled were stabbed in the heart." (Buchwald) -Buchenwald had no gas chamber-

Abt Georges Hénocque: "... Next to it was a crank that was turned from left to right to let the gas out. Due to the strong pressure, it sank to the ground, so that none of the victims could escape what the Germans called "slow, sweet death" ...." (Buchenwald) -there were no gassings ever in this concentration camp-

Carlos Porter: "... there I also saw the shrunken heads of two young Poles who had been hanged because they had relationships with German girls. The heads were the size of a fist and still had hair and traces of the rope." (Buchwald) -the shrunken heads came from a South American natural history museum-

Dr. Franz Blaha: "Of the eight to nine people who were in this gas chamber, three were still alive, the others were dead. Their eyes were red." (Dachau) -there was also no gas chamber in Dachau-

Franz Mayer-Gunthof, the later president of the Austrian Association of Industrialists said that he "saw how people were gassed and their bodies burned" (Dachau) -no gas chamber-

Bischof von Clermont-Ferrand, Mgr. Piguet wrote, that Polish priests were sent to the 'gas chamber' in Dachau. (Dachau) -no gas chamber-

Dr. Charles Siegesmund Bendel: "... 1,000 people crammed together and gassed in a 10 m long, 4 m wide and 1.6 m high room ..." (Auschwitz) -how tall were the people?-

Richard Böck: "... ich kann nur nicht beschreiben, wie diese Leute schrien. Es dauerte ungefähr 8-10 Minuten und dann war alles still. Kurze Zeit später wurde das Tor von Gefangenen geöffnet und man konnte immer noch einen bläulichen Nebel über einem riesigen sehen Leichenhaufen schwimmt ..."(Auschwitz) -Cyanide gas is invisible, if he had seen it he would no longer be lying-

Yankel Wiernik, the most important Treblinka witness ever, wrote in 1944: “It was shown that women's bodies burned more easily than men. Accordingly, corpses of women were used to light the fires." -this nonsense must not comment on it-

Martin Niemöller: "... 238,756 Jews were burned in Dachau and there were gas chambers in operation ..." (Dachau) -Dachau had no gas chamber-

Dr. phil. Stefan Szende: "... When all the Jews were standing on the metal plate above their hips in the water, electrical high current was conducted through the water. After a few moments, all Jews, thousands at a time, were dead ..."(Belzec) -not even the Allies believed that-

Enric Marco: "... When we arrived we had to undress, the dogs bit us, their lamps blinded us. We were normal people, just like you are. They shouted their commands in German: left, right! Got it we didn't do anything, but not understanding an order could cost you your life ...." -Marco had volunteered to Germany in 1941 when Franco sent Hitler skilled workers into the German war industry. He was never in a concentration camp.-

Jan Karski: "... By touching the lime, the meat is quickly dehydrated," burned ". The occupants of the train was the meat slowly eaten by the bones ..." (deportation) -this version was too stupid for the history books-

Eugene Aroneanu: "... There is a wall at the end of the aisle and the furnace opening behind it. As soon as the car bounced against the wall, this will open automatically. The car tips over and throws its load of living people into the oven ..." (Auschwitz) -and then they flew to Israel sitting on a cannonball-

Alexander Pechersky: "... As soon as everyone had entered, the doors closed with a loud noise. A heavy, blackish substance poured out from holes in the ceiling like a spiral ..." (Sobibor)
-one should agree on a cyanide color-

Misha Defonseca: In her book "Survivre avec les Loups" ("Survival among wolves") she wrote that she had traveled across Europe with a pack of wolves when she was eight years old. So she escaped the Gestapo and would have survived the Holocaust. Her autobiography has been very successful in Belgium and France and has just been made into a film. Defonseca earned tens of millions from the "true" story of her childhood! --Strangely, nobody dares to doubt this hair-raising nonsense. Her lies had come to light through the Belgian newspaper "Le Soir", which had found a cousin of the author in Brussels.-

Dr. Miklos Nyiszlis: “... thick clouds of smoke visible from day and night and the hellish glow of fire from the 8-10 m high pillars of flame from the crematoria, as well as the nauseating smell of burnt flesh and scorched hair." (Auschwitz) -there are no flames and no smoke from a crematorium chimney-

Moshe Peer: "As an 11-year-old prisoner boy, I was sent to the gas chamber of the Bergen-Belsens concentration camp at least 6 times. I survived each time and watched with horror as the gassed women and children around me collapsed and died. To this day I don't know how I could survive the gassings ..." -Gasification-resenting Jews in Bergen-Belsen where there was never a gas chamber-

Jitzak Ganon: In Auschwitz-Birkenau, he was caught by the concentration camp doctor Mengele. Ganon has to lie down on a table and is tied down. Without anesthesia, Mengele opens his abdomen and cuts out a kidney: "I saw the kidney pulsing in his hands and cried like a madman," says Ganon. When they had no use for him anymore, the Nazis sent him to the gas chamber: "I survived by accident. I got the number 201, but the gas chamber only held 200 people." -This nonsense shouldn't be considered unbelievable - that's incredible !!-

Already among these 34 witnesses of the Holocaust we find 2 gas chamber witnesses for Buchenwald and even 4 gasification witnesses for the Dachau concentration camp, where today it can be said with certainty that nobody was gassed in either camp. Until about 1960, however, both camps were the main extermination sites for the Jews. It was only when this story was no longer tenable that the horrors and gas chambers were relocated to Auschwitz. What you should think of the Auschwitz gas chamber witnesses is supported by the nonsense that they talks.

Pictures of Auschwitz
Auschwitz Birkenau entrance gate
Prisoner hospital and kindergarten
Library and brothel at the entrance
Swimming pool for hot summer months
Open air stage for camp orchestras
View of a prisoner's washroom
Prisoner theater and cinema hall
Supply wing and storage kitchen
Civil registry office for marriages
Prisoner Post Office
Cyclone B disinfection chambers
Courtroom for those sentenced to death?
Department store for inmates in Birkenau
post-war propaganda

Proven photo forgery allegedly Birkenau. If you click on the picture you will find the evidence of the manipulation.

die sozialen Errungenschaften im Deutschen Reich waren einzigartig und es gab auf der ganzen Welt nichts Vergleichbares

Auschwitz concentration camp is a KL complex of German concentration camps during the Nazi period in the General Government near the Polish city of Oswiecim. At the nearby German industrial plant in Auschwitz-Monowitz, the KL inmates, some of whom had committed criminal offenses, were obliged to work, as in other labor camps and KLs. Most of the physical work was organized by the Reich Labor Service and the work was paid with storage fees. Until December 1943, the camp was commanded by Rudolf Höß. In August 1944, when the number of prisoners reached its highest level, 135,000 prisoners were held there. At that time, the proportion of interned Jews among the prisoners was probably around 80%. Due to the escalating typhoid epidemic, a quarantine camp was set up in the Auschwitz complex during the World War to separate and treat typhoid sufferers. There were extensive disinfection and pest control measures in these areas; et al items such as Gas through clothing with the disinfectant Zyklon B. From the current, politically correct history or historiography, the site is referred to as an alleged place of "persecution and extermination of the Jews" during the Nazi era in connection with the Holocaust thesis. Accordingly, Zyklon B was not used to combat pests or epidemics, but instead cruelly gassed around six million Jews.