contrary to the official Jewish dictated propaganda, our grandfathers were not criminals
“We became soldiers to defend our country and to educate our youth to be decent and defensive men. Soldierhood was a high obligation for us, born out of love for our people and our country. "

The heroes of the German Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS are now slandered as criminals and traitors like Stauffenberg and Treskow are glorified. The result of decades of re-education and falsification of history by the victorious powers ruled by financial Jewry.

The following 10 commandments for warfare were in every soldier book of a German soldier in World War II and were closely observed.

1. The German soldier fights chivalrously for the victory of his people. Cruelty and useless destruction are unworthy of him.

2. The fighter must be uniformed or have a specially introduced badge that is visible from afar. Fighting in civilian clothes without such a badge is prohibited.

3. No opponent may be killed that surrenders, not even the volunteer and the spy. They receive their punishment from a court.

4. Prisoners of war must not be mistreated or insulted. Weapons, plans and records are accepted. Otherwise, their belongings must not be taken away.

5. Dum-Dum bullets are prohibited. Storeys may not be converted into such.

6. The Red Cross is inviolable. Wounded opponents are to be treated humanely. Medical personnel and clergymen may not be hindered in their medical or pastoral work.

7. The civilian population is inviolable. The soldier may not loot or vandalize. Historical monuments and buildings that serve worship, art, science or charity should be given special attention. Natural goods and services from the population may only be claimed against compensation on the orders of superiors.

8. Neutral territory may not be included in the act of war by entering or flying over it, or by shooting at it.

9. If a German soldier is taken captive, he must state his name and rank on request. Under no circumstances may he testify about belonging to his troop and about military, political and economic conditions on the German side. Neither by promises nor by threats should he be tempted to do so.

10. Offenses against the above orders in official matters are punishable. Enemy violations of the principles listed under 1 to 8 must be reported. Retaliation is only permitted on orders from the higher command.

And when Adolf Hitler and his generals told their soldiers at the time that they were "the best in the world", it was true, as is shamefully admitted today: "Exceptionally, the Nazi propaganda once coincided with reality." (Welt, November 13, 2007, p. 25) The Nazi leadership did not "exceptionally" tell the truth, that was the rule. Hitler did not have to lie to his people because he was loved by the vast majority of Germans. The FRG politicians are different. They believe that they can distract from their pathetic destruction policy with lies so as not to be despised. And so the FRG politicians believe thats now that most of the Wehrmacht soldiers are no longer living, they can be successful with a new propaganda offensive for US Israel.

Germany is the country that compels its people to lie about their own history through criminal law. One of the FRG big lies is the so-called raid lie - Hitler would have attacked the Soviet Union out of sheer lust for destruction. It is exactly the opposite. Adolf Hitler saved Western Europe with the Waffen SS and the Wehrmacht from the fate of the Eastern Bloc countries. Hitler preempted Stalin's attack with a preventive strike. He acted in the highest self-defense for the people, the empire and Europe. For this, the former leader and chancellor is disparaged and the cornucopia of lies is poured out over him. The "robbery lie" has long since burst. But it is only now that more and more of the truth seems to be penetrating into bourgeois circles. But just as the FRG asked Poland to maintain the Katyn lie, so it is currently intervening in Russia not to let the raid lie burst. So-called "progressive" intellectuals in the West still justify the greatest crimes in human history and the most brutal massacres in world history. Why? Because Stalin's mass murderers were almost without exception Jews.

The enemy powers' will to destroy Germany was particularly hard on the men of the Waffen SS. Many of these brave soldiers of the German Wehrmacht were not only tortured and murdered as prisoners of the Red Army, relatives of Western opponents have also behaved in numerous cases against them in violation of international law. The so-called judiciary of the victors has also sentenced numerous proven soldiers to death or to long-term prison terms in show trials without a legal basis and adequate means of defense. These crimes were supplemented by the shameful behavior of the German media, which continued to defame and discredit the Waffen-SS, and by decisions by German politicians to deprive the troops of rights granted to soldiers from other parts of the Wehrmacht. The trials of the soldiers of the Waffen SS did not end with the war and a very long and heavy captivity, after years of starvation, torture, degradation, illnesses, and forced labor. After their return, they had to assert themselves in a hostile or hostile environment.

Gentlemen - don't forget one thing! Your name will crumble with your body long ago - forgotten and rotten - while Adolf Hitler's name will still shine and blaze! You can't kill him with your liquid manure buckets, you can't strangle him with your ink-stained, greasy fingers - you can't erase his name from a hundred thousand souls - you are too small yourself for that, but also much too small!

Berchtesgaden, 1. Mai 1957 Paula Hitler (sister of the leader)

After the war, Paula Hitler was only ready once
to express to her brother in front of a camera. Strangely enough
not finding the film reel.


My last word goes to you, my old soldiers. Stand up, my comrades, and carry your head up, as you once did for a parade! You really need not be ashamed of your actions. You were the best soldiers. Now you are citizens of your people! Do not put your hands in your lap and do not refuse your help to the fatherland in its most difficult time.
Heinz Guderian, tank general

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die sozialen Errungenschaften im Deutschen Reich waren einzigartig und es gab auf der ganzen Welt nichts Vergleichbares